The ATL West Deck is a critical enabling project for other construction projects at HJAIA including the Domestic Terminal Parking Deck Reconstruction Project for which Holder-Austin-Moody-Bryson, A Joint Venture will also be the Construction Manager at Risk. The project is located on the West side of the airport between CONRAC and the GICC in Atlanta, GA.

The ATL West Deck includes over 5,000 parking spaces totaling in excess of 1.8 million square feet. In addition to the Parking Structure, there will be a Pedestrian Bridge to connect passengers to the existing APM Station near GICC for transfer to and from HJAIA. In addition, there will be an access road constructed connecting the ATL West Deck to RCC Parkway.

The project is scheduled to commence in Summer of 2017 with completion in 2019.

HAMB is committed to maximizing local and equal business opportunities in accordance with the City of Atlanta’s Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Program.  The project has a minimum goal of 30.5% FBE / MBE participation.  All minority and female business enterprises must be certified by the City of Atlanta’s Office of Contract Compliance.  All minority owned firms are encouraged to submit a Prequalification Statement, regardless of size of the firm.  Prequalification opportunities are available for prime subcontracts, sub- tier trade contractors and subcontractor joint venture partners.  HAMB encourages firms to form Joint venture and mentor/protégé arrangements with firms certified in the City of Atlanta’s EBO program. These partnerships will be considered as part of proposal evaluations.